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Why Everyone Loves Climbing Dunn's River Falls


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In this week's Sunset Vibes, let's talk about Why Everyone Loves Climbing Dunn's River Falls. I've been to Jamaica several times and a trip to Dunn's River Falls always makes the list. Are you ready to experience the thrill and excitement of a waterfall climb?

Let's Get Started!!

Jamaica, the birthplace of jerk, reggae and Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaica is a wonderland of allure and stunning, natural beauty. From scenic cliffs and majestic falls to pristine lagoons and bubbling hot springs, Jamaica boasts a variety of things to do amid a diverse terrain and offers tours and excursions that satisfy the whims of the most adventurous or the most laid-back traveler.

One of Mother Nature’s most amazing works of art. Dunn's River, just a 15-minute drive west of Ocho Rios, and is one of Jamaica’s national treasures and most popular attractions.

What To Expect – Climbing the Falls:

Dunn’s River Park offers two climbs: a wet climb and a dry climb. If you are not a fan of getting wet, then the dry climb would be best suited for you.

You can climb up through the cascading water but be careful: The falls can be slippery (wear a swimsuit and tennis shoes or swim socks).

The safest way to climb is with a guide who will lead you up the tiered falls and into some small caves. You can also see the falls from a viewing platform.

There's a nice beach for swimming and sunning where the river empties into the Caribbean.

Insider tips

There are plenty of tour companies in Jamaica and it’s difficult to know which one to choose. Try the Dunn's River Falls Tour by Island Routes, this tour includes a Catamaran cruise as well!

The falls are best experienced in the afternoon when the cruise ship crowds have departed.

Are you ready to experience Jamaica and Dunn's River Falls? Let's Talk Travel, schedule a quick chat today.

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