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8 Fascinating Facts You Probably Don't Know About Jamaica


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In this week's Sunset Vibes, I'd like to share some things you may not know about Jamaica. Keep reading to learn more...

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Located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea is the beautiful island of Jamaica. Most well known for its spectacular beaches and vibrant culture, Jamaica is a surprisingly diverse island. Whether you are a frequent visitor of this tropical paradise or planning your first trip, here are eight fascinating facts you might not know about Jamaica.

The fastest runners on earth are from Jamaica

If you have ever watched the Summer Olympics, you might have already known this fact, but do you know why? Athletes like Usain Bolt credit their incredible speed to the diet and culture in Jamaica, where foods like yams are a staple and spriting is a popular sport.

Vibrant Music Scene

Jamaica produces the most music per capita. The sound of the steel drums and reggae music instantly drum up images of Jamaica, but did you know the island produces dozens of other genres? The music scene on the island is so famous that many record labels will have launched new artists, like Rhianna, in Jamaica before introducing them in the United States.

The most churches per square mile

Most people assume that this fact would belong to a small town in Europe, but Jamaica takes this award home. There are approximately 2.75 churches per square mile, which does not even include small, private churches that some residents have at home.

The most rum bars per square mile.

This fact might not be as surprising as some of the others, but it is still pretty impressive. Since the days before piracy, Jamaica has been commercially producing rum for export, so naturally, the number of bars on the island has steadily grown with time.

Jamaica is the top consumer of cranberry per capita.

Cranberry is extremely popular in Jamaica, even though it's not native to the island. Cranberry juice and water must be imported to the island, but the locals love to drink it to help keep them hydrated in the scorching summer heat.

Jamaica has a bobsled team.

If you have seen the 1993 film Cool Runnings, you might already know about the legendary 1988 Olympic Bobsled Team from Jamaica. If not, be sure to visit the museum at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios.

Ian Flemming wrote the James Bond series in Jamaica.

The increasingly popular James Bond series was written in its entirety in Jamaica. After visiting for official government business, Ian Flemming eventually bought property in Jamaica and named it Goldeneye, which now has luxury villas available for rent!

Jamaica was once a Spanish-speaking country.

Throughout history, Jamaica has been inhabited by people all over the world. From 1509 to 1655, Jamaica was under Spanish rule, meaning the official language was Spanish. Towns like Ocho Rios have kept their Spanish names despite the official language now being English.

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