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I Don't Just Plan Vacations.  I Design Your Roadmap To Unwind

Creating Memories One Sunset At A Time

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Where Can I Take You To Next?

At Blue Sunset Travel, I plan exceptional All-Inclusive resort and Cruise escapes for adults that are looking to relax and recharge with new experiences on their next vacation.  Our experiences are tailored to adults that have a passion for travel, a desire to discover new cultures and enjoy the serenity of watching the sunset.  The best part?  I take care of all the planning, all you have to do is pack.  

Sharon Johnson Lake


Lounging on white sandy beaches, listening to the music made by the ocean waves.



Exploring multiple destinations all in one cruise, where you can relax and be entertained and all your needs are catered to.  



Experiencing new cultures and culinary delights, while discovering incredible Caribbean sights you may not know about.  


The benefits of using a Travel Advisor

  1. Save time, I do all the work for you

  2. Have peace of mind. I am with you from start to finish, available to assist before, during, and after your trip. 

  3. By putting my own knowledge, experience, and contacts to work, I can craft your ideal itinerary and personalize your experience.

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